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Water Leak Detectors For Your Hot Tub Or Spa

If you are in the business of water restoration, you know just how important water leak detectors are, as well as all the other tools of the trade you need to have on hand in order to properly service your customers and to properly perform your job. This is especially true of businesses that offer hot tub installation, and since many hot tubs require a water leak detector, not having one can mean a very large investment of time and money. Luckily, most water leak detectors on the market today come with some extra features and even a phone line just in case you should have any issues with the equipment while it’s on your property. Here are some things to keep in mind when shopping for water leak detectors for your business:

Water Leak Detectors

One last feature to look for when purchasing water leak detectors is availability of alerts and a mobile application. Having an alert system that goes off with temperature changes and leaks will only help a lot, but having an alert that you can check on your cell phone while you’re away can keep you a lot more up-to-date on any water leaks or other issues with your equipment. I don’t know about you, but checking on water pressure in my home every few hours makes me feel like a window was broken! With a mobile application, you can easily alert any water leaks or other problems with your equipment before they get out of hand and cause a problem for you or your customer. Not having to run outside and grab the phone when it starts to act up is always a good thing.

Another great feature of water leak detectors that most models come with is the presence of an automatic shut-off alarm. Because hot tub alarms use water pressure to alert you of a leak, it is important to have a device that uses the same pressure as your pump to shut off the alarm immediately once a leak is detected. The Glentronics watchdog is such a product and as long as you purchase from a manufacturer who uses high-quality parts, you should have no problem with it shutting off if the alarm is triggered. These types of devices are great to have installed on your spa or hot tub, and if you’re concerned about safety, take some time to read reviews of any model you’re considering to purchase.