The Exotic Vintage Leather Bag

The most elegant and exclusive designer card wallet, handbag, handcrafted with the finest leather for daily wear. It’s also a Convenient/Compact bag – Three in One! You could easily convert it into a purse, a cross body bag and even a backpack depending on your outfit or the event. All the benefits of a leather tote bag are available in a more affordable price-point through the exclusive Vintage Market.

Card wallet – The finest leather for daily wear

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Card wallets are a wonderful accessory for a woman’s purse; however, they are often left outside of the house due to their size (as they are quite bulky). However, with the advent of the Internet, you can purchase a beautiful card wallet online. A card wallet usually consists of a matching credit card wallet, which will enable you to store and protect your cards whilst also providing an attractive way to carry your wallet. A card wallet is a wonderful accessory that any woman should consider purchasing for herself. The classic look and feel of a card wallet will complement any classic piece of female clothing.