The TSS Visa is a New Temporary Skilled Worker Visa

TSS Visa Australia – The Australian Government has introduced a new visa category, which is known as the Temporary Skilled Workers Visa (TSW Visa). The purpose of this visa category is to allow highly skilled and temporary workers to migrate to Australia under certain stipulations. Applicants who are eligible for the TSW Visa (temporary skills shortage) can stay in Australia and work as a skilled worker for a specified period of time. They can join their Partner and children and also live in Australia with their sponsor, while still working full time. In some cases applicants may be eligible to apply for an extension to the visa.

tss visa australia

TSS Visa Australia

These are called permanent migration under the immigration laws of Australia. But in this case the applicant is not permitted to bring his family members with him and cannot be sponsored as a Family Visa holder. It is important to note that if your qualifications meet the eligibility criteria, you can even go to your prospective employer with an application to be considered for a permanent migration visa. The requirements to apply for this kind of visa vary from one TSS Visa to another. For those who do not have any Australian citizenship, you can get the visa provided you have a valid passport or are a permanent resident of Australia.

The eligibility criteria for the TSS visa are that you should have a minimum of two years of experience in the IT field and the language skills must be at a high level. Applicants who are currently studying at an approved college of higher education can also be eligible for the TSS visa. Applicants who hold the qualifications to apply for an Australian permanent visa should also be aware of the fact that if they are not accepted as a Permanent Visa holder, they will not be able to apply for the TSS visa. In some cases applicants may also be permitted to apply for an extension of the application form after being declined by the Immigration Department. But in order to obtain this extension, you must first go through the entire application process and submit all documents that you think may prove your eligibility.